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readfashion is on a distinguished road
Standart Should high imitation luxury goods and original luxury goods should be bought?

In recent years, the domestic High Quality Fake Luxury Handbags consumer market is very prosperous, the demand is very large, this can not blame the people, a genuine Hermes bag movement is tens of thousands, Imagine how many people can afford it? So only find A copy of the imitation makes a face. Nowadays, the people in the country have a very high consumption of high-profile bags in the past few years. The demand is very high. This can't be blamed for the people. A Fake New Hermes Bag is tens of thousands. Imagine how many people can afford it? So only find a replica to earn a face. Now the people are very smart, and the production of the bag is far less exaggerated than the price. The common people in this new era also know the truth of cost performance. So it also makes high imitation package one of the main reasons for such a hot today!

Let's start with the classification. But most of the knowledge that I have learned a little about can be said to be nine out of ten. What one to one, the original skin can say something. However, many people still can't distinguish well. This requires a lot of knowledge about leather goods. In many cases, this knowledge may allow you to spend so-called tuition. We know that many people are now buying a package for 3000. You can bargain to 1500. This is a common practice. And after 1500, you may not know that you have bought a few hundred low imitations. In fact, many people are now stealing a lot of ideas to achieve the purpose of bluffing people. After reading the following luxury replicas, high imitation bags, fine imitation packages. The common sense is popular, and it is helpful to the pro! First of all, the so-called A goods are not high imitation, the quality of the work materials of A goods is high and it is like several streets.

At present, everyone can face four categories in the face of high imitation.

No matter how you call it, it belongs to imitation goods. That is to say, ordinary leather, sheepskin and other materials are imitation of the ratio of 1 to 1 of the original, the workmanship requirements are higher, the cost is lower, and the price is also low. 1:1 is the most basic condition~ If the 1:1 size is not right, then it is still huh, huh, most of the micro-sales are selling this category, why? Very simple ~ micro-business wants to maximize profits. The micro-quote is too high to be blacked out by you, and the customers who do not understand this type of package are not picky. If the price is lower, even a small agent can make money. Why not? But it is worth noting that the overall process and hardware stitching are so different. It is basically a junk article in the mind of a person who does not understand. Please forgive Milan station to speak too straightforward. But this package is cheaper~ but you can take a vacation in a trash can in a few months. And you don't dare to carry it on the scene~ because you feel affirmative in your own heart.

2, the original leather (some will say custom) is the original leather in the 1:1 re-enactment technology, more exquisite workmanship, the price of domestic original leather is slightly higher, the price of imported original leather is higher. The original Pibi 1:1 is a higher grade, yes, I said it is not bad. But in fact, it is a low-grade slightly upgraded version of the leather. It's easy to use some of the customers who like to use the skin to measure the package. . Get a touch ~ a smell ~ seems to be a good tragedy, I believe many people have eaten this loss.

3, top / grade goods, is the highest end of the engraved package, high imitation table, fine imitation package, the use of imported original skin, work super fine, reached the point of real confusion, non-professionals can not see, the price is slightly higher, According to the style, you will consider hand sewing or machine sewing. Suitable for high-demand friends, more importantly, hardware (that is, zipper, zipper, shackle, logo, etc.) is a workmanship. No solder joints, edge grinding, etc. Friends can't see the clues when they look at the details. This category is the real high imitation package, fine imitation package, and engraved package. Milan station only sells this type. The low-end package in front does not need to consult the Milan station. Milan station is not for sale.

Should high Replica New Luxury Bags and original luxury goods should be bought?

Of course, we know that there are also flaws in authenticity. Everyone can find a lot of examples in Baidu! If a person goes to a genuine store to buy a bag, it will definitely not pick up the pick, because it looks very unidentified, if you buy a replica bag, high imitation package I can check the very carefully, the wiring, the oil side, the hardware, and even a thread will not be let go. If the product can be disassembled, I have no doubt that some people will break it into pieces. Carefully pick! So, now many parents, want to buy good goods, even if the price is more expensive, but the quality is better, because the customer requirements are high. The real original version, the strength and the counter than the quality, the cost is simply not low! At this time many bad blackheart sellers will say that the original, tail, foundry goods, artisan goods, rat warehouse, OEM goods, original goods, etc. And so on. Believe me pull black~ You are annoyed, you actually let him flicker for so long and tired. . . .

Should high imitation luxury goods and original luxury goods should be bought?

But in fact, I can tell you very seriously that for luxury goods, let alone a lot of luxury goods have no foundry in China. Even in the case of a domestic foundry brand, the management of the channel is very, very strict. It is impossible to have a so-called original single-tailed single-class outflow market~ still a lot of sales, and it is even less likely to have any inventory, fakes, etc. to sell.
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NatashuKt93 is on a distinguished road

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luxury handbags, new hermes bag

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