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Johanna is just one of many heroes available

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Standart Johanna is just one of many heroes available

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You can check out the trailer below.Johanna is a little like the fantasy medieval rendition of Buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil Overwatch's Zarya. She's a tank and can dish out massive damage while cutting, hacking and slashing down enemies. Johanna is just one of many heroes available in Heroes of the Storm, a game that contains many of the iconic faces and names of various characters cataloged through the fantastical and rich history of Blizzard's popular brands. Some of these characters come from titles like Diablo, StarCraft and World of Warcraft. It's likely that we'll start seeing Overwatch characters make an appearance in Heroes of the Storm when the game's beta finally gets underway later this year. Blizzard's take on the MOBA genre is slightly different from other Final Fantasy XIV games out there. Opposite of League of Legends or Dota 2 there are no individual levels in Heroes of the Storm. To avoid creating a lot of animosity amongst teammates, the developers have opted to make Heroes of the Storm utilize a team leveling mechanic. This means that everything an individual Final Fantasy XIV player does contributes to an overall team level during a match. This encourages teamwork and more cooperative tactics, as well as gives support classes and healers a much stronger role in the overall fight because they'll be rewarded for adhering to their role as opposed to desperately trying to level up by farming minions or mini-bosses.Outside of the team levels, Heroes of the Storm also does away with items. In both League of Legends and Dota 2 Final Fantasy XIV players are encouraged to purchase items to help buff their characters and their abilities. On each team level in Blizzard's title, Final Fantasy XIV gamers get to choose from talents. These talents offer Final Fantasy XIV players the ability to upgrade the core skills of their hero as well as stack buffs on other skills.
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