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readfashion is on a distinguished road
Standart Don't buy the most expensive, just buy the most classic luxury bags that you can't mi

Fake Chanel 2.55 Handbags
Chanel 2.55 is a double-layer flip-top closed square bag with a ****l chain. It is named after its birth date in February 1955. Chanel 2.55 handbags are carefully tailored for cutting, fitting, sewing, re-cutting, splicing, zippering, grommets, sewing, finishing, packaging... everything is carefully designed for practical use. Beautiful and beautiful, 2.55 handbags have a total of 3 inner pockets, the smallest one is dedicated to lipstick; so detailed design is still rare at the time. All handbags come from a factory near Paris, each of which takes 6 workers to spend 10 hours and completes 180 processes.

Replica Chanel Classic Flap Bags
This name has a Classic, which is naturally translated into a classic. But in fact, this was the product that was re-interpreted by Karl Lagerfeld in 1983 after taking over Chanel's design in 1955. Some people's "classic style" refers to this flip bag with double C lock and leather interspersed chain. This is also considered a sister model of 2.55, the most obvious difference between CF and 2.55 is that CF is a double C lock.

Chanel Boy Collection Handbags
Boy Chanel is the new bag that Chanel launched in the fall and winter of 2011. It has swept the entire fashion circle as soon as it was launched. In addition to the classic rhombic design, this bag has a thicker chain in the details, making this backpack both feminine and handsome.

Replica Givenchy Handbags Pandora Collection

The Pandora collection is a handbag designed by the current brand design director Riccardo Tisci. The name comes from the Pandora's Box in Greek mythology. The biggest highlight of the Pandora series is the appearance of a square box. When it is filled, it will be presented. A very different cuboid shape emerged and soon became the IP Bag of Givenchy.
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chanel 2.55 handbags, classic flap bags

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