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Molianalex is on a distinguished road
Standart People post lovely screenshots of their buddies hanging out

People post lovely screenshots of their buddies hanging out, but not one of the items DO anything. I'd enjoy it if you can have a variety of minigames as you go. If I put up two football goals in an area and utilize some sort of instrument to designate the area for a Animal Crossing Bells field, give me a cheeky little football minigame. If my buddies come in my house, let's all play some darts or even a board game.

And do not get me wrong, I really like the game. I've played a scary amount of hours, and still take great enjoyment out of planning and decorating. However, I only wish things happened after I set it all up. Let's let Ribbot utilize the work out area he has. Reneigh just stumbled into an outdoor restaurant setup, possibly her and Melba want sit down and do something. Roald has his combat helmet on and the fireworks display is going on, allow me to get in his house and also help calm him down.

Dude minigames would conserve the series 100%, or being in a position to interact with items in a more enjoyable way (possibly zoom up on the product and let you play with it idk). And to designate a set of things as a larger whole item ( like the soccer goals)

I am curious about how fleshing out villagers would do the job. Given that there is so many it would be tough to create them meaningfully unique without a whole lot of work. I have always only seen them as a distinctive category of decorations in my town/island.

I have thought for some time that they want two dialog"sets" per villager: one because of their personality, and yet another for their own species. That way they could still have a reasonable Quantity of work in development when instilling some more variety into their villagers

Yeah I do understand the lack of development in that front given there are more than 400 villagers now. Expecting each person to be wholey unique would be unreasonable.

While it might be Difficult to make cuts without a person losing a popular, I'd think that if they trimmed the roster so as to create every more unique or add more varietyIt appears to be the very first thing every villager states every day, which hides all of the buy Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells really (semi) unique dialogue they have 2 or 3 interactions down.
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